More quality of Life by IT

10 criteria of quality of life through information technologoy:

  1. Conserving and restoring physical and spiritual health.
  2. Preserving inner and outer security, while protecting the freedom and dignity of man.
  3. Creating and safeguarding freedom of movement and humane traffic conditions to ensure personal encounters.
  4. Rebuilding the trust between communication partners by appropriate information and free communication.
  5. Opening up the access to education and job training based on an individual’s abilities and, at the same time, also ensuring the ideological neutrality of educational institutions and entertainment.
  6. Creating employment opportunities and possibilities to earn a living which are tailored to people and available in sufficient number and quality so as to promote common welfare and prosperity for everyone.
  7. Developing information technology further so that it can be used as a helpful leadership by people of people in business and society.
  8. Promoting the participation of citizens in public opinion-making and forming the community in such a way that freedom, order and justice are equally balanced.
  9. Protecting nature and the environment against overexploitation and destruction, and promoting natural processes for the benefit of future generations.
  10. Overcoming the lack of meaning and time of modern man and finding a dignified form of life with leisure for culture and religion.